Search & Reunion

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The Process, the assumptions, and the end results…

by Ann House

I want to spend a little time talking about the process of search. And it is a process. But first and foremost before a search can commence,  there must be searchable information. People come by their information in a variety of ways. Hopefully there is a file that your adoptive parents kept containing documentation; or […]


by ToniHouse

There has been only one case I have actively participated in during the years and years that my mom, Ann House, has been searching and it came to me in a way that, at the time, seemed so ordinary – the new girl in high school sat in the only vacant seat in my history […]

Silver Threads

by Ann House

When Sally File died, her husband asked me to explain “this…” at her funeral. How do I begin. Yes, we are adoptees, birth mothers, siblings. Yes, we have data bases. Yes, we have years of experience. Yes, we know the law, work with the courts… We are searchers. But what does that mean? How is […]

Letters from the Heart

by Ann House

I have them, you know.  Hundreds of them. From years and years of searching, all stuck in a folder. Letters from those who are searching to those sought.  Some are so old they have yellowed, some show the fuzzy edges that only came from a dot matrix printer, others are faded copies of greeting cards, […]