Ann House

Lead Volunteer
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Ann has been involved with adoption searches since she began her own search for her birth mother in 1978.  At that time she promised Sally File she would help with other searches when her own was complete.  Fulfilling that promise, Ann began helping Sally File around 1990 at a time when there were limited resources available to aid in the search process. Shortly thereafter the State of New Mexico required that those searching be certified as Court Appointed Intermediaries. Ann and Sally, along with a few others that were searching at the time, became the State’s first “Court Appointed Confidential Intermediaries.” Times have changed and with approximately 3,000 cases to her credit, Ann has continued her work to connect adoptees and birth parents.

Currently Ann has taken on the responsibility for filing the paperwork to open files with the courts for adoptees and birth parents, as well continuing to search.  She also conducts the certification process for intermediaries for the State of New Mexico when needed.  A stickler for creating an authentic certification process, Ann holds the statutes as the standards to which an intermediary must be certified.  It is her firm belief this method of certification will allow intermediaries to uphold the integrity of the law while fulfilling successful searches and reunions.

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(505) 452-7062


Toni H. Thom

Volunteer, Website Maintenance
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As the daughter of the lead Intermediary for New Mexico Adoption Search, Toni grew up listening to countless adoptees be counseled and reunited with their biological families. Although not searching independently currently (with the exception of one personal case), Toni assists the other Intermediaries with their search, talks to adoptees and helps them work through their fears, and spends a considerable amount of time fielding questions and maintaining the NMAdoptionSearch.com website and Facebook page.

Contacting Toni:
(505) 306-8161